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Always Like the Sun


Your smile,

always like the sun.

Your love,

radiates warmth

and makes me blossom like a flower.

Your smile,

keeps me warm,

on the chilliest days,

it sparkles

and makes me glad you’re mine.

When we go dancing in the rain,

I know your smile,

will bring out the rainbow

and the sun rays.

When I feel blue,

nothing can cheer me up,

unless you take my hand

and smile a smile for me.

Your smile,

takes away all the sorrow,

stops the rain from falling,

so for now and for always –

I let your smile be my umbrella.

Let it take away the rain,

bringing only blue skies,

through the many seasons,

love will see us through.

If we should one day be parted,

golden memories will keep me going,

through the many photos,

your smile always like the sun,

will make me smile through misty eyes

and keep you close to me forever more.

When one day,

my footsteps come to the end of my road,

I know I’ll see you reaching for me,

your smile always like the sun,

will lead me with you into paradise.

© 2019 Gypsy Rose Lee

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