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Already Free

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If I could go back in time
go back and make it mine
and be who I was meant to be
and see the sights laid out for me
But I got sidelined
and fell back, left behind
stuck inside my memories
of what it was you did to me.

If I could go back and live my life
without all that pain and strife
and maybe nothing would even change
things would still end up the same
But now it's far too late
to get wrapped up inside that game
still time to take what is inside of me
and untie the chains so that I can be

So now I realize that time
doesn't truly pass us by
but instead, it sits and waits
for you to take charge and control your fate
For when you make up your mind
I think that you will find
the chains have never been truly real
or had the power to dictate how you feel.

Just need to keep living life
and get out what is deep inside
the pain, the loss, the misery
the joy, the love, the what can be
You never really lost your way
you just lived a life day by day
and all was fine, you now can see
and all along your soul was truly
already free.

It's you alone who holds the key
to see that
you were already free.

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