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Alphie the Alpaca Asks a Lot of Questions - a Children’s Flash Fiction Story

Faith, Art, writing and learning are Tim’s passions. Tim loves working in education. He has a BS in Psychology from Albright College.


Alphie the Alpaca asked

A lot of questions

He asked them at breakfast

He asked them at lunch

He asked them at dinner

He asked them in a bunch

He asked a lot of questions

To everyone he knew

The chickens, the pigs

The old mother goose

The horses, the sheep

To the crotchety old mule

To the farmer, his wife

A daughter named Jewel

Till one day everyone said

Alphie enough is enough

Answering all you questions

Has become quite tough

It’s taking too much time

So if you please, if you may

Ask but one question

Each and all of the days

Alphie thought for a minute

He thought for an hour

He thought some more

Alphie had many questions

More questions than before


Alphie decided right then

He decided right there

He had to get answers

Though he did not know where

He thought I’ll take a walk

Down the long windy road

He walked and walked

Till he spied a cranky old toad

He asked the old toad

Mr. Toad, which way should I go

To get all the answers to

The questions I don’t know

The toad croaked a loud harrumph

And then hopped away

Alphie stood there for a moment

Then continued on his way

He hadn’t gone very far

When he saw an old bear

Trying to get some honey

From a bee hive way up in the air

He surely would have answers

To the things Alphie wanted to know

Up to him he walked

Up to him he did go

“Hey Mr Bear”, He called out

Can you answer my questions

Answer them with no doubt

He looked at Alphie then let out

A right grizzly little laugh

He said I have no answers for you

So go, be on your way

You’re keeping me from my honey

On this bright and cheerful day

He reached back up in the tree

Alphie gave Mr Bear one last look

No answers here, no answers for me

He started to think

He began to ponder

Should I turn back

Or continue to wander


But truly, really, maybe

Right there just ahead

Around the next corner

Answers would go unsaid

Alphie stood there a moment

He stood there a little longer

You know important things

Take a long time to ponder

Alphie made up his mind

He would keep going on

His search for answers

Was not quite done

He walked and walked a long way

Then walked a little more

Till he spied a wise owl

He knew from sometime before

A wise owl by the name of Al

Who once lived in his barn

Way back down the road

Way back home at the farm

“Good day Mr Owl. Good day to you

Alphie said with a smile

Fancy meeting you way out here

May I come talk with you a while

May I seek some of your advice

From one so smart and wise

The owl looked down at Alphie

His eyes as wide as wide could be

“I must say, I must ask

Alphie, is it you my eyes do see?

Alphie with so many questions

My head would start to spin

Trying to get out my answers

Before the next one you’d begin

So come closer, come closer

I’ll spend some time with you

And if you have some questions

I’ll answer them, it’s what I’ll do

So Alphie sat and talked to owl

He talked until the midday light

He thanked Mr Owl, headed home

He said, “I’m gonna take your advice.

To learn to listen more.

Ask questions less.

Cause listening to friends

Is always the best.”

The End

© 2021 Timothy Whitt

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