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Alone in This Solitude of Emptiness

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.


Alone in This Solitude of Emptiness

Being in Love with You, can sometimes

Feel like Ballet. My soul soars and

Trembles, like a bashful dancer, stunned

In a bewilderment of speechless flames.

The gleam of Your lustre, has brought

The sun and moon together, their

Rays delivering my shadows,

To a smoldering pyre of useless knots.

You are adorned, my Beloved, like immaculate

Flowers, blossoming in my being. My gaze

Held captive by Your innate beauty,

Unfurling Itself, in the bouquet of my soul.

Each strum of Your music, is like that of mystic

Fairies; every melody, like a thrill in my Heart.

Your moonlight appears, like a river of Light,

Bathing my core with its indigo rays.


Sweet Melody, You’re more gorgeous than

An Empress; gentler than a stream.

Bedecked like shooting stars, You remain

Unsullied, like the glow of lustrous heaven.

You unpeel Your dreams, revealing the

Splendour of daybreak. An extra-

Ordinary display of elegance, drawing

Me closer, to the wine of Thy lips.

Nightingales sing of Thy symphonies;

Yet without Thy emerald gaze, who will

Satisfy my longing? Now I know why the

Sacred firmament, still celebrates the shooting stars.

You’re more graceful than the swan, my Rose,

So much more eloquent than speeches!

Each Lover’s scent of the honeysuckle,

Draws You closer to my breath.


O Light of my sweet Shyama,

You’re more vibrant than the sun.

Gathering up the agonies of my yearning,

I place them all at Thy feet Divine.

I see You, waltzing effortlessly, like a celestial

Maiden, soaring with the dignity of the Condor.

Flapping with the grandeur of butterflies, You

Remain unmatched in feminine excellence.

I’m only a song-bird, whose Heart remains loyal;

Yet I’m so caught up in my reticence! I am soaked

With autumnal sentiments, too shy to repeat

The words, “I Love You.”

In thoughts of You, I yearn for summer –my radiant

Best, embraced on light-filled evenings --beneath

This beautiful sunset, I’m like a golden boat, longing

To drift, on this current of enchantment with my Queen.

The moon’s cascading twinkling stars, enthralling

My vision with shimmering lights. Now my inner longing

Dances, on the lap of Liberation. I once tied myself,

To the chains of false entanglements.

Now alone, in this rapture of drunken Emptiness,

I bathe at the gates, of a nameless Freedom.

- Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 5th August, 2020.


© 2020 manatita44

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