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Alone With No One Other Than Me

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Any Last Words

Look what you have?

Then be happy with that

We can easily spend all our time looking for something bigger and better

If we realize how hard we have worked to get this far

Then why can't we see the person we have become?

All the little pieces that over time add up to be someone so outstanding

Then again you rather listen to someone else

What have they done?

I have been right with you

Every time you burn the midnight oil

Every time you burn both ends of the candle at once

All the great messes you got into

All those close calls that you managed to get out

There is no one list that says it all

I know there are many reasons

You have learned there is no sense in rushing

Since it will only be a matter of time

Where you have to do it again

Watch as the world around you closes in

It is up to you to make your life expand and flourish

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