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Alone Ride Towards Own Sky

One dark night, I lean against the freezing wall

And sat near the window

Looking outside the rain

Suddenly the focus shifted towards the window glass,

Where the tiny water droplets merge with each other

To run over the clear glass

I was so caught up

In an empty worthless thought

My eyes were stuck upon the glass

On the water droplets

And on their glide and slide

With the trashy thoughts inside

I started questioning my worth

About things I loose till now

About string twined around my heart

About no friends I see

About love lacking sheen

About defeats I faced

About lonely nights I spent

Or worst decisions I repent

And about all things I keep to myself

Straight away the warm sun rays strikes the window glass

The focus shifted again

Towards the reflection on glass

The reflection was blurry and hazy

But the reflection seemed crying

As the droplets covered entire glass

I tried to wipe the drops of sadness, anger, misery and sorrow

Drops of hate and regret

But it seemed I was doing it in wrong way

And from wrong side

Suddenly I heard a voice

Voice, loud enough to overpower the “Thunderclap”

And wild enough to shush howling breeze

The voice of conscience

The voice told to either wait for proper sunlight

To dry off the drops

Or either wipe it away in a right way

The voice was loud enough to turn on the thoughts of my mind

Thoughts to reach across the sea wild

On the distant shores

And blue skies

And it disappeared saying

“You own the entire Sky

Either you choose to bring up the Sun

Or drench under the dark clouds”

It’s you what you choose

- Srushti Gamit

© 2021 Srushti Gamit

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