Culkin Rhymes

Updated on October 28, 2017


Culkin was born in New York City to Chris Culkin and Patricia Brentrup. He was born to act being the son of an actor known for his productions on Broadway. Culkin was raised Roman Catholic. He attended Catholic school for most his young life. Culkin started acting at age four but the two movies below is where he rose to international fame.

Home Alone

Wet Bandits

The McCallisters are preparing to leave.
To leave Chicago for Christmas Eve.
They plan to spend Christmas in Paris.
Taking the family to witness the magic.
Meanwhile, the youngest son KEVIN.
Is ridiculed by his siblings and cousins.
Then he fights his eldest brother.
He then wishes his family leave forever.
During the night of the wish, heavy winds.
Causes temporary power outages.
Resetting all the alarms.
Causing the family to miss their marks.
They overslept but made their flight.
As Kevin slept through the night.
But he woke up to an empty house.
It was so quiet you hear a walking mouse.
He realizes that his family left him.
Overjoyed with new-found freedom.
But frightened soon after.
When he sees his next door neighbor.
He then sees the Wet Bandits.
Who were robbing homes that were vacant?
Kevin makes them think the family's home.
Forcing them to put their plans on hold.
Meanwhile, Kate McCallister.
Realizes it and tells Peter.
They try to book another flight.
but must wait after two nights.
Kate is too far too determined.
She finds a flight and books it.
Goes back to the United States.
She makes a stop in Penn State.
Tries getting another but its too late.
She refuses to accept it.
& a leader of a band overheard it.
Kate hitches a ride with the band.
Going to Chicago in a moving van.
She knows Kevin's home alone.
With robbers trying to rob their home.
Kevin hears about it and makes plans.
Has a nice conversation with the old man.
Old Man Marley from next door.
Gives him a conversation and more.
Informs Kevin that his granddaughter.
Is singing in the church choir.
Kevin finds that Marley is really nice.
Before leaving, he gives some advice.
Then returns home and rigs up the house.
When the robbers come in they find out.
Kevin calls the cops before running out.
Marv and Harry are arrested out.

Macaulay Culkin
Kevin McCallister
Joe Pesci
Harry Lime
Daniel Stern
Marv Merchants
Catherin O'Hara
Kate McCallister
John Heard
Pete McCallister

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

True Meaning

Its Christmas time again.
A time to spend with your family and friends.
This time the McCallisters want Miami.
Want to spend it someplace where it is not snowing.
On the night before their departure.
The McCallisters all gather.
Gather at their home.
Kevin's now 10 and wants to be alone.
Kevin feels that Miami is too hot.
He thinks the meaning they've forgotten.
Still having a feud with his elder brother.
One night he attacks his brother.
His actions put him on punishment.
but Peter made the alarms reset.
They rushed to arrive.
Arrive for their flight in time.
They made it and they board it.
But they forgot that Kevin.
Kevin board a flight to NYC.
While the rest board theirs for Miami.
Once Kevin arrives in NYC.
Kevin begins to sightsee.
While sightseeing, he doesn't know.
That Harry and Harv have come for the show.
Harry and Marv are the wet bandits.
They changed their name to "Sticky Bandits".
Kevin finds a hotel and settles in.
Then decides to tour the city again.
Where he meets philanthropists.
Finding more value in Christmas.
He then runs into the sticky bandits.
Kevin then retreats back to the plaza.
Where he is told by Mr. Hector.
That the card that he gave was stolen.
Kevin then runs to the Sticky Bandits.
Kevin family leaves Miami.
Comes to New York City.
Meanwhile, Kevin's visiting his uncle Rob.
Not knowing that his mom.
His mom's searching to find him.
While the hotel finds his card's stolen.
He comes back and gets his things.
Pranking the staff before going.
Going back to uncle rob.
Booby trapping it for a job.
Stopping the Sticky Bandits.
From robbing the true meaning of Christmas.

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