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Almost Two and Ready for Bed

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A Day To Celebrate

I went to the cancer doctor

I heard those great words

See you in a year

I have had some skin cancer that they cut off last year

Now if I use sunblock and wear a hat

It can help prevent it in the future

A big sigh of relief

Even though there are so many cancer patients who are still fighting

Their battle with the dreaded disease

I pray for them

Each day we don't know what can happen

Anyone can get cancer at anytime

So we all should be on the lookout for any changes in our bodies

For me, it was a dry patch on the back of my ear

My wife also had cancer

After not feeling her best

Her body was trying to tell her something

Her doctor ran tests and she had to undergo surgery

We both know what it is like to be worried

Where your future is in the doctor's hands

We are very blessed with a full recovery

It makes you rethink everything you have ever loved

See the world in a very different light

All your problems seem very small in comparison with what they could be

So tomorrow will come

We both will greet it

Each in our own special way

I try to find ways to share it with the world

My high's and my low's

Wherever my life will take me

You all know I love those high days

Where I can dance all day on my tippy toes

Talk about anything and everything that comes to mind

Then there are those days

I want to sweep under the rug

Wash them down the drain

And forget they ever came

For me, it is a lesson in fatality

Finding out what works and how to enjoy it more

What doesn't and do all I can

To make sure it doesn't happen ever again

Sharing each simple breath

With those people who make everything in the world

A little bit brighter

A little bit better

A little bit more awesome

That is as good as it gets

You all can take a big bow

Thank you for making me so happy and proud

To be alive

With a smile that is here to stay