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All's Well That Ends Well

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My Father Use To Tell Me Years Ago

It is a saying that recently rang through my ears

My father has been gone twenty six years

All though it may have a whole different meaning

I am going to put my little spin on it

Here I am in a marriage

Sixteen years later and still going strong

God blessed us with no children

I believe so we could spend more time to get to know each other

That was one of my first surprises

We have a temper mental cat named Charlotte

She gives us lots of love with a touch of the wild side

You never know what she will do next

Last year my wife was diagnosed with cancer of the Uterus

Through surgery it was all removed

The doctor says it was contained

Thank God once again

Now one year cancer free

We have a small comfty home in Maine

Both of us have respectable jobs

I am a fast order cook and my wife works as a customer care representive

Our work gives us money to pay our bills

We are on a tight budget to make ends meet

We have our separate interests

My wife likes the cooking shows and her comedies

Goes to weight watchers, cancer group and is practicing her sewing with a friend

There are a few programs we watch together

When she can she goes to the gym with another friend

While I work out in the yard and like to take walks

I also like to write and am more of a dreamer

I do the laundry, dishes. grass cutting, gardening and the shoveling

My wife does the cooking, food shopping, and keeps track of our bills

At anytime we will share any or all our chores

Each day we uncover more love

We constantly talk about our past

How and why it brought us to this day

Our families are really important to both of us

Working nights and spending a lot of time driving

With a crazy mix of deaths, weddings, Thanksgiving and Christmases

We see each family when we can

Spending time together is always special

Thank you for taking the time to look through the window of my life

We believe a wonderful life is always in the making

In a world where there are many changes daily

I feel it necessary to do a shelf check

I take the good and try to make it better

Take the bad and flip it upside down

Work it until it says uncle

There is so much to see and do

I find the time to express how I feel

My wife fifty four and me fifty three

We can see our retirement in the future

Much more of the same

Loving each day as it comes

Catching our breath as the day passes

Looking forward to the next morning

Where we add a little and take away some

Finding the richness of life in the soil

Plant a healthy plant and soon you will have years of happiness ahead

It will not be without it's struggles

Knowing together we will meet each challenge

Find ways to get through it

Moving on

Making friends along the way

Only to say

I am so happy I typed this word by word today

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