Words in a Poem

Updated on January 1, 2018

All About Her

She is a collection of stories
Romance, Tragedy and Mystery
Simple but full of complexity
All I can say is 'Oh, How lovely?'

She's as beautiful as the full moon
But as dangerous as sun at noon
The most graceful and peculiar tune
Like the drip drop of the rain in June

Her blue eyes are like deep of oceans
That hides a heart full of emotions
Broken hope from broken ambitions
Truly a perfect contradiction

Her lips that hides a thousand secrets
That she keeps in her heart of locket
But her words are as sweet as velvet
That creates a warm winter sonnet

She is my favorite poetry
Hint of sweetness and acrimony
Like the bittersweet wine from burgundy
All I can say is "Oh how lovely?"

Incomprehensible Love

Numerous times I asked the question 'why?'
What am I compared to the sky?
Lot of times Your existence I deny,
Still, You wept away the tears in my eyes.

Your words and commandments I disobey,
I let go of Your hand and walk away,
But instead of letting me go astray,
You seek me and guide me to the right way.

My God, I am unworthy of Your love,
Yet You cherished me and called me beloved
What use am I? What good do I have?
To be loved so much by my God above.

I am a selfish conceited person,
And all my sins be as red as crimson,
Yet You told me ,'come child and reason'
And showed me kindness, love and compassion.

My heart's full of animosity
I have done thousand iniquities
Still You, My King, come down to serve me
And told me, "My daughter, you are worthy".



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