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All in Darkness

All in Darkness

All in Darkness

Am I missing the daylight

Just seated on a dark cold metal bench

What comes in my mind are our old memories

I don't know how to do about them

But why should I think of them

It's because I love you so much

You are ever holding my hand

Even when am I darkness

You know how to spot me

I always thought of you as my perfect match

Even after understanding that nothing is perfect

I better spend the rest of my life writing

And if I write, I right about

Coz you walked with me out of darkness

It doesn't have to pay, because the privilege of writing about you is mighty

Even the moon shines brighter when the night is darker

I was not born a poetic but you made one out of me

You always take care as my mother used to

Before she was no more

You hold my hand out of darkness

Poem by Poet Jayken

If you cried today, yesterday you were smiling. Find purpose in life.

— Poet Jayken

© 2020 Ian Muiruri Wanyua

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