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All You Need Is... for These Words to Last

I’ve enjoyed writing for many years. I'm dedicating more time to the craft in my retirement days.

Maybe all you need is a little help from a friend...

Maybe all you need is a little help from a friend...

All You Need Is... for These Words to Last

I need to get these words right



And durable, too

So in 100 years

They will still be here

For you to read

If you read them today



And yearning, as well

Will they rightly convey

What I want to say

What I want to mean?

Maybe need is too strong



And wishing also

With hope in addition

For enduring recognition

Of the message

John and Paul used the word ‘need’

And ‘you’

And ‘is love’

And ‘all’ was there, too

Around 48 times

But naught else that rhymes

With that single word

But the horns were catchy

Like a parade

Or a circus

Or the French national anthem


In a psychedelic dress

And then the strings

Ah the strings

Were things

Of beauty and sophistication

Untethered imagination

And George Martin’s creation

And production

With Paul on double bass

John playing harpsichord

Where the strings are plucked

When the keys get struck

Baroque invoked

During the Summer of Love

So is need the right thing, is it real



A must have, too?

Or more a Maverick need

A need for speed

With Goose on board



Urgent but not everlasting?

For me

I’d like it to be


Not moveable


An epiphany

A monolith

For the world to see and learn and remember

I can store it

In a tinderbox

On paper to burn

But not until the message is read

Or the paper is needed

For survival

Remember I said

I need to get this right

And make it last

To the last

So if you read it today

It will stay with you


And the next day

For an era

An eon

For days long gone

An everlasting blink

Of the universal eye

All You Need Is Love - The Beatles (1967)

© 2020 greg cain