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All We Can Do (Is Keep Walking)

When will my choices stop being my own
Will I live with many people or will I be alone
I can’t dream if I’m a burden in my own home
I’ll walk in my slippers, my robe will be torn

But that’s not today my friend
The past, it may not let me back in
I hear it, they’re locking the wrong door
I decided I don’t need that one any more

I’ve come a long way, I feel like a sea shell
My shoes are dry, yesterday they were wet
I hope I’m not too far down the road for you
There’s some things I’m still trying to forget

But I’m not forgetting you my friend
I never have, that’s something I’ll never do
You’re so kind, it’s as if you love everybody
You humble me, I see why Jesus knows you

I’m a little sad but at least it’s not about today
I want to wave to the soul flowers without a stem
I wonder if they could see it in my eyes long ago
Silently saying how much I would miss them

Let’s talk about them together my friend
We’ll laugh at the way they made us smile
Put flowers on bones that once stood tall
Then walk down that road another mile

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