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All That Food


Are You Sure We Need It?

As my wife walks down every isle and food shops

I always go along and help her

What my job is

I really don't know

I am here for moral support

She has her list

I follow along like a puppy dog

Not going to far from my owner

Straying here and there

The good thing is I have no leash

I look at each isle filled with so many different items

I look at something and say how about this?

You don't like it

I'm pretty sure I do

Remember last time we bought it

You opened it and had a little

Then we had to throw the rest out

Oh yeah, o.k. as I put it back

Then just as quick

I am looking at something else

I am sniffing around

More like a blood hound

My wife moved a little further down the isle

I was not concerned

Then as something else caught my interest

I was off in my own little world

Oh no where did she go

I look, she is no where in sight

I move along down to the end

Thinking she must be there


Then I am convinced she is on the next isle

Not there either

Where could she be?

As each minute goes by

I become a little more impatient and nervous

Now I have a good idea

I will walk down the end of all the isles

I will see her for sure

That is definitely not her

That is not her

There is someone else

I can't see the front of her

What was my wife wearing?

Yes, it could be her

I'm not sure

I don't remember

I walked even closer

Not her either

She couldn't have gone too far

I should of stayed closer behind

Let me go back a few isles and check again

The whole time I was holding some spaghetti sauce

I thought it was a new flavor to try

Now I am not interested in it at all

I am on the same isle where I picked it up

Reading each spaghetti sauce

I can't find where it goes

I will just leave it here

As I walk away

I see the same brand I was looking for

Now I have to go back and put it in the right place

Why didn't I see it the first time around

As I move down the isle quickly

I have come to a complete stop

More people

Where did they come from

Can't you see

I have to find someone

I hear her voice

My ears perk up

My head tilts forward to attention

My eyes open wide

She is talking to someone

Ah a sigh of relief

She is helping a lady

Find something they were looking for

She is always helping someone

Now I am back in my comfort zone

Confident and fearless

She walks farther down the isle

I said honey in a sweet voice

Are we almost done?

My wife gives me a smile

Only a few more things

She doesn't know what she put me through

Yet I will never tell her

I give her a kiss

What's that for

No reason

I love you


DREAM ON (author) on December 11, 2020:

Ann Carr I love to eat but I am not crazy about buying everything we need. Sometimes I want to buy a different product one cheaper and a different brand. Then other times my eyes get bigger than my belly and I want to buy all kinds of snacks. We really don't need. I also love to people watch and then if it wasn't for my wife I would never get done. Thank you so much for reading and sharing. Have a beautiful and exciting Christmas.

Ann Carr from SW England on December 11, 2020:

I know exactly what you mean about losing someone in a big shop! My partner wanders off and I think he'll be easy to find, as he's so tall, but no, we must be playing hide and seek between the aisles!

Then there's that release of stress when he reappears and all is well.



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