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All That Food

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Are You Sure We Need It?

As my wife walks down every isle and food shops

I always go along and help her

What my job is

I really don't know

I am here for moral support

She has her list

I follow along like a puppy dog

Not going to far from my owner

Straying here and there

The good thing is I have no leash

I look at each isle filled with so many different items

I look at something and say how about this?

You don't like it

I'm pretty sure I do

Remember last time we bought it

You opened it and had a little

Then we had to throw the rest out

Oh yeah, o.k. as I put it back

Then just as quick

I am looking at something else

I am sniffing around

More like a blood hound

My wife moved a little further down the isle

I was not concerned

Then as something else caught my interest

I was off in my own little world

Oh no where did she go

I look, she is no where in sight

I move along down to the end

Thinking she must be there


Then I am convinced she is on the next isle

Not there either

Where could she be?

As each minute goes by

I become a little more impatient and nervous

Now I have a good idea

I will walk down the end of all the isles

I will see her for sure

That is definitely not her

That is not her

There is someone else

I can't see the front of her

What was my wife wearing?

Yes, it could be her

I'm not sure

I don't remember

I walked even closer

Not her either

She couldn't have gone too far

I should of stayed closer behind

Let me go back a few isles and check again

The whole time I was holding some spaghetti sauce

I thought it was a new flavor to try

Now I am not interested in it at all

I am on the same isle where I picked it up

Reading each spaghetti sauce

I can't find where it goes

I will just leave it here

As I walk away

I see the same brand I was looking for

Now I have to go back and put it in the right place

Why didn't I see it the first time around

As I move down the isle quickly

I have come to a complete stop

More people

Where did they come from

Can't you see

I have to find someone

I hear her voice

My ears perk up

My head tilts forward to attention

My eyes open wide

She is talking to someone

Ah a sigh of relief

She is helping a lady

Find something they were looking for

She is always helping someone

Now I am back in my comfort zone

Confident and fearless

She walks farther down the isle

I said honey in a sweet voice

Are we almost done?

My wife gives me a smile

Only a few more things

She doesn't know what she put me through

Yet I will never tell her

I give her a kiss

What's that for

No reason

I love you

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