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All Systems Go

It Worked For NASA

I was hoping it was going to work for me

The day is over

The night is still young

If it was Friday and I was a lot younger

Thirty -five years in the past

Local night clubs were the place to go after 8 P.M.

Where all the twenty-one year olds would drink and dance the night away

I tried the club scene

It wasn't for me

So I through myself into work

I worked not one job

Not two jobs

But three jobs

One fulltime job and two parttime jobs

Made me a better worker

Building character and appreciating the value of a dollar

When your working so much

You find out you spend little

That is more savings in your pocket

You don't have lots of free time

So your not going out to eat a lot either

Your money keeps growing in your savings

Slowly it builds over time

You cherish a half-hour of free time

When work gets slow and people get bored

You are overjoyed

Working less as hard and getting paid the same

Each job becomes a game of cat and mouse

You are trying to earn the most

At the same time giving your best

It takes skill and endurance

Not an easy task

I had plans for my future

That were far ahead of my time

The years rolled on by

After about thirteen years

I finally had enough

I didn't become finacially wealthy

My dreams were bigger than my physical ability

To turn my thoughts into my new reality

I worked hard

Real hard

Harder than anyone else my age

I sacrificed years of my youth

For a chance for finacial freedom

I gave up on my social life

I tried to be at many places whenever I could

There was no way around it

Sometimes I had to miss family time and get-togethers

Every holiday became a busier workday

Weekends didn't exsist

When I was off one job I worked another

I lived to work instead of working to live better

At this time

I met someone very special

Three years later we were married

Then I began to spend more time with my wife

Putting my old dreams on a shelf

Dusting them off every once and awhile

I talk about them and wonder

I gave it my best shot

Things didn't work out as I planned or dreamed

Then again I met the woman

Who understood how hard I had worked

She couldn't change the past

She had a different view on life

Money and success wasn't in her top ten

Love and passion where number one

Signing papers to buy a home out of state

Family and a home we could both afford

With two savings joined together

We could also accomplish some good things

In a half the time

She made sure we enjoyed our days off and vacations

It is funny how our life changes

In a direction we could never see

Now I spend my free time writing

A passion I always have had

Fulfilling a different need

Like eating a chocolate eclair

First you have the desire

Then you find one that looks delicious

You have to sit down to eat

You can't have them every day

They are good for a treat

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