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All Set for a Glorious Day: A Poem to Inspire

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.

It can be morning to set up our whole day.

It can be morning to set up our whole day.

Sending you a day full of sunshine, a heaven filled with rainbows, and a pocket full of dreams. May the future ahead of you be as wonderful as you are.

--Judith Wibberley

I clock in for life at an early hour

with mind's alarm set night before

and I never take a morning shower

for reason I'll tell about a little more.

Fresh morning mind is able to choose

as habitual self is not yet on our screen

everything about us still fuzzy and loose

before that old self gets chance to kick in.

So in that state of an unscripted mind

we can set ourselves for a great day

with blessings of yet unknown kind

without old limitations in our way.

That's why I don't take a morning shower

to delay waking up to the reality of a habit

mobilizing those reserves of unused power

I don't wish for a great day but I just grab it.

Groggy morning mind can offer no resistance

for a fresh input to be new order of the day

then what follows is just an insistence

to stay with that image every way.

Even little cracks in our stiff routine

give us incentive to practice and excel

so that one fine day we could really win

choosing a happy day and doing it so well.

Nothing could really succeed like success

living new reality we become brand new

for our future is not something to guess

but to be created now out of the blue.

That habitual self is something to go

replaced with a willful, strong intent

and that's the only thing to know

in how this day is to be spent.

© 2022 Val Karas