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All Romantic Music Gone: A Poem

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.


I still like to do the old songs. I know some people don't.

-- Bonnie Tyler

Where is the music melodious and cool

the one long before heavy metal and rap

now played by every angry hysterical fool

that pushed away finesse for this noisy crap.

Gone are days of romantic expression

with roses and lips on an album's cover

when lyrics displayed a gentle confession

so adding to the words of each hopeful lover.

Under dimmed light we would slowly dance

in embrace, as if blending with each other

hearts so resonating in musical romance

nothing in this world that would bother.

Music that made you seek a mate

giving your dreams a new dimension

as you rehearsed words for that first date

those mellow sounds easing down the tension.

Music that helped memories to be made

for years to come crowned with silver hair

in so many romantic hearts it forever stayed

deaf to this crappy noise which can't compare.

Generations are coming with something new

each but expressing their own musical mood

but it's not meant for me, and maybe for you

those times are gone when music was good.

© 2022 Val Karas