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All It Takes Is One Project To Open The Door

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Then There Is No Stopping You

The excitement builds automatically

No different than turning the key to your car on

Once the ignition has been started

You are off

You took the first step

The world awaits your arrival

Each step you take changes everything

The wonderful world that we know exists

Becomes only more amazing

Just when you thought it wasn't possible

It was

So as you venture on into the world

I feel your enthusiasm and nervousness

It is not just o.k. but beautiful in so many ways

I am not one to try new things

Yet I have no choice

Every day new experiences are thrust upon me

I can try to avoid them

Which I do often

Later I find out it is not only no help

But it takes me longer to accomplish the same thing

It is as if I walked backward to go to the next place

I will get there unharmed

I can also experience the same feeling walking

I don't see all the things I would see at the same time

In the end, I arrived and I begin to wonder

Isn't there an easier way?

Of course, my mind says this is what I am used to

This is familiar and safe to me

Even though other people walk forwards

I am scared and afraid

After a while, I can't keep up the pace they do

So I now have to turn around

It isn't so bad after all

Many of my unknown fears and worries have faded

I still time to time walk backward

A few people have also tried following me

They do it out of sheer amusement or curiosity

It isn't long before they also revert to their old way

I think if more people tried to understand

Life isn't just one way

It is a beautiful combination of both

We can all help each other even on our darkest days

The light will be bright and can be shared

There is way too much to go around

One person can never use it all

When we experience our biggest losses

We also experience our biggest gains

Life is funny that way

So as I rub the sleep out of my eyes from the day before

I will awake with a better understanding

That life is here to stay

Like it or not

It is up to us

To accept the things we love

Change the things we don't

Love each other through the process

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