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All Is Over

Agnes Laurens is a writer, wife, and mother of three daughters.

The bright spirit

All is over

What was for a few days

Lays behind us

In the past

That can not repeat

Itself or by someone

Feel the spirit again

By remembering

The moments of the past

Bad and good

What we had

What we were

I was differently

Then and now

Even the few days of our lives

We knew each other

From the holidays

That has passed through the moments

When we were close

But yet

On a distance

What we didn't know

We were not aware

Our existence

That what was

Is there not here

The music, dance, and poems

I made the past days

Will be in the past

From my inner self

Telling the story

That I was and I will be

Through the whatever you called it

To whatever I have called it

Memories do exist more than we will

Ever that

Hold onto that what is the past

Could not be

As will be

Through blood and veins

In my memory

In my fantasy

© 2020 Agnes Laurens


Agnes Laurens (author) from The Netherlands on December 29, 2020:

Yes, that is beautiful, I believe, and yet, some people don't want to hold onto that. They believe that it will ruin their lives and always need to go forward. This is great, but I also believe that remembering things is good for you too.

FlourishAnyway from USA on December 28, 2020:

Sometimes we hold on to memories, love letter, trinkets and memorabilia to remind us ... for years.

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