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All I needed was me

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His words pierce through me

As does a knife through a beating heart

He knows how to anger and hurt me

so deeply, no other words ever could

The pain of those words chip away at me

I did not ask to be born of the flesh that I did

It isn't my fault who my mother was

Why must I always pay for her dislike

Why must I always be compared to her life

She wasn't me and I am not her

But his words want me to believe I am just like her

And those enunciations toil with my soul

They take me to this deep dark place

I never want to see

They take me to the deepest side of me

The one where the little girl is sitting

and still feels pain for all her past

It is for me like an open scar

That he keeps on cutting into, trying to re-open the closed wound

I thought he would free me with his love

I didn't know I didn't need him for that

I didn't know I needed to tend to my own wounds

and heal my sores in order to see it was not him I needed,

All I needed was me, to set myself free

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