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All I Do, Is Remember You

An engineer-to-be trying to find solace and solitude in writing.


Dreary days, dreadful nights,
Gruesome chills or anxious frights.
When both ends of the tunnel turn dark,
Late at night, when the wolves bark..
All I do, is remember you.

I may fail, or may win
Or feel miserable about a committed sin..
When nothing goes my way,
And gaiety seems to be at bay..
All I do, is remember you.

In agony and anguish,
In mirth and merriment,
At highs and lows,
Having suffered from severe blows
Like a farmer who reaps nothing, but ceaselessly sows..
All I do, is remember you.

Memories of you haunt me,
They keep me up, at all hours wee.
A part of me, a part of my soul
Is lost with you, or found within you.
Life seems bleak, you seem distant
In your absence and your presence,
All I do, is remember you.

© 2019 Priya Dinesh

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