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All I Have Left (A Poem)

Lucille is a Content, Creative, and Academic writer. She specializes in writing about love, romance, and heartbreak.


Ever since you left me,

I've been writing my way,

To get through the pain.

I've been making art,

With the broken crayons you left me.

Trying to piece everything together,

Trying to make sense,

Of why you did what you did.

But all I ever did-

Was make a collage.

A collage of everything that we had-

Every laughter,

Every pain,

Every memory,

That won't seem to go away.

And it still hurts,

Every day it still does.

And I'm barely surviving.

But I'm trying my best.

I'm still trying to live.

Even though,

My heart went with you.

I'll try to get it back,

I'll try to get myself back.

Because that's all I have left.

© 2021 Lucille Punzalan

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