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All Existence


By the hands of God,

All life's combined origin.

Gracious entity,

And was how all did begin.

Molecule's structures,

The Smallest to the greater.

Formed all life's being,

Did this most grand creator.

No thing to be made,

That without its own maker.

Came as human form,

Every fragment or vapor.

This spirit remains,

Our own human forms may see.

God's gift to us each,

This is why all came to be.

The spark of each life,

Granting breaths, sees that all lives.

Life forms, earth, beyond,

To the whole universe gives.

This great mystery,

Meant to remain for all time.

Gives reason to search,

Is so, this grand paradigm.

We believe in God,

In our hearts, all humanity.

Forever His reign,

For the entire world to see.


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