All Crimes Are the Same

Updated on January 25, 2018

It hurts my body

It spreads throughout

For now I am the victim

In raging fires I’m caught

Take my word for it

Its coming from my head

Pain feels more painful

Once you’re dead

The balance I restored

And this is how I’m repaid

I wish to return and undo

But its all a bit too late

A sorry I shall say

To sad kids that stayed awake

For a father that never came

The torture he couldn’t take

A sorry I shall say

To the parents that still wait

To cross paths with me

A kid’s bad luck or perhaps fate

A sorry I shall say

To the dog that still longs

For his master to return

What did he do wrong?

Its surely not my fault

Then why is the blame on me?

I was just doing my job

Did I show a liking or greed?

In the devil’s eyes, its all the same

All be the sins of a preacher

Their blood lies on my hands

As I pay for the crimes of an executioner

© 2018 Vivek


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