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All Cried Out


I must admit sometimes

my faith begins to wane

I fast, pray, cry out to You

and still, I am in pain

I'm on my knees, on my face

and diligently search Your word

Yet I'm wondering why on this matter

Your voice I have not heard

I seek You in early morning

and late in the afternoon

I call on you in the evening

trying to keep my heart in tune

I praise You in the midnight hour

still, this thorn is in my side

I humble myself before You

desiring to remove all pride

Please send the desired answer

Hope deferred has caused much pain

I need Your help desperately

don't let me pray in vain

I'm trying hard to encourage myself

Remain in faith and not doubt

My tears have formed a river

And I'm all cried out

© 2019 Cheryl E Preston