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Urbane Sleek Poems

A poet, artist, creator... born and raised in Chicago.. just in my zone #urbanesleek


After school thinking...

Cranberry and absolutely...

Dunkin donut cup

Turned up

And asking me…

“What are you drinkin’?”...

Upset, my orange straw creates a vortex

Nothing in the cups shape

Can escape...

When every things gone I fill it back up

And fuss


Come out your face

And ask me about my business

Again and it's bottoms up...


#collegepoem #URBANESLEEK

Block Club Party

Block Club Party

It’s the time when some of the littlest
Tiniest people can play in the streets in freedom…
Frolicking up and down city blocks
With the street as their playground…
First time bikers get training wheel schooled,
While their older counterparts show off
On wheels of two…
Grown folks off to the side,
Next to the curb
Barbequing food…
A neighborhood alive…
A gathering;
It’s summer so..
Mothers let water test their hatchlings…
Contributions made from a retirement home,
A factory, and neighborhood residents…
It’s a traditional social setting…
‘Children building memories they’ll grow up
And recall on’ so…
Hold your buses and hold your cars…
There’s a party in the street…
The neighborhoods alive…
Bouncing Castles with giggles inside…
Dance contests and …

Urbane Sleek


The Mantle, The Castle, The Crown

Beneath the mantle
the castle
the crown
An ever changing center
An ever changing abyss...
A mind weighed on by the info of surroundings
An infuse called influence
that stresses between sleep,
Between the space and time that enclosures it;
Beyond the mantle
the castle
the crown..
exists, fields of energy..
exists, fields of growth
fields to be protected in the fields of social
a polite called politic
that stretches beyond sleep
beyond the space and time that enclosures it
the mantle
the castle
the crown...

Urbane Sleek



Another super massive star
dims out in our audio galaxy…
she’s no longer
an orbiting body among us...
Her light will continue
to stretch throughout time
Along with her voice
And all of herself
That she gave off to us…

Another super massive black hole
in our audio galaxy…
She’s something
For younger stars to gather around
and glow
From the essence they
Grew up

absorbing from her…
Stars create the fabric
For the next generation of stars
To spark…

And Whitney
was one of the biggest
Most brightest of them all…

Written By: Urbane Sleek
‎April ‎20, ‎2013


© 2019 Urbane Sleek

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