Star to Star

Updated on November 25, 2017

You are earth.
Green eyed and wild like the forests I walked through as a child
All dust paths finally settling down after your shock waves
Cool gentleness and cracked surfaces above
But a deeply hidden, heavy and heated core below.

You are supportive of life
Protective of fragility
Breathing in the beauty of your singularity in a universe of dead planets
But you see
Blue eyed venus isn't too far away
Drawing recklessly laced portraits of young girls faces
Painting the haunting resemblance to life
But still not managing to get it right.

She's far away but she's trying to lean in and listen
The way the others aren't,
Tilting ever so closer each year
In hopes to reaching the sound of your voice calling in the dark.

You've been sending out signals for eons now
Hopeful that you are not alone
But your telescopes and voyagers are thousands of miles away
And they are still telling you that while there is beauty here

It is dangerous, uninhabitable, and too cold to be aware of you.

I don't aways see you as earth.
You are what I listen to when I wake up,
A beating heart, a fleeting yawn.
Earthly in your gentle nature
But I've watched you walk with petals lacing the pads of your feet
Leaving lotus flowers imprinted on sidewalks

I try to walk in your shoes like the sky tries to touch earth
On a whim
All blustering and fumbling
Leaving your paper bags and tree tops shivering as if unsettled
But I'd like to think
That I may also walk like water
Leaving trails and traces deep within you
Digging at the cracks in your facade
Leaving deep canyons that took time to carve
Shaping you gently, unhurriedly
Showing you the deeper parts to yourself
Uncovering the worn layers.

I watched you
Eyes unfocused in the harsh light of our classroom
Watching red turn to fire
Seeing things so far away I couldn't talk to you
I watched you look 1 billion years into the future
Tracing the planes of our star-dust bodies in exchange for a single inhale.

You are the earth and all it inhabits.
Cold, warmth, light and dark,
Smoke and clean air.

The soles of my feet walk on your surface
And I have only visited a few thousand miles of it
But I hope to learn more,
Share more,
Grow more.

We, in less then 100 years, will cease to be.
Earth will one day die, and so will venus

So lets make our calls as beautiful as we can
Before the silence sings for us.


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    • tithi5683 profile image

      Dilruba Hossain 3 months ago from Dhaka

      Nice poem