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Aiming For Honesty

I don't want to aim at what's honest
I only want to be what's honest
And I won't wait anymore

If I start in on myself with courage
Then you'll know how it feels
I'll tell you in such a way
That there is nothing mistaken
There will be no place to hide in
I'll open up and show you my sin

If that's what you want from me
I can tell it like it happened
Because I was there, except this time
I won't pretend I wasn't the hurt mind
I'll make it easy for you to find
A way to accept yourself like I have

You'll know how much you can take
There won't be any more need to fake
The way you stood by the rippling lake
Watching your pain go, unable to turn back
Only living to disturb the glass surface
Emptying itself upon the far shores

Except this time, I'll be waiting
Without judgment or rejection
Only a silent eye full of knowing torment
Welcoming your flaws to wed with my own

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