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Flea - placed in the grand scheme; of things,

An arthropod - inane creature!

That's how A. felt - lost in the moment's tension

- Could cringe in pain, devoid of flaring heat.

For in the moment's tension lies

A monumental, ineffable enigma -

Beyond the cluttered desk,

The sheaves of paper roaming loose across the floor

Like wings of torment,

And, of course, the cumbersome,

Tomes, loaded with stern decrees -

Could there be an ounce of relief?

(The dog's tail pendulates with empathy.)

In the luster of a black pearl,

In soft hands - a coruscating warmth,

And, lest we forget, pouring locks of raven hair,

Sable eyes, careening bossom.

- Life is in the singular, decidedly,

Better to have tried and failed

Than not tried at all.

Every minute pulsates,

In convulsion,

Supple waves of woe.

Perennial solitude - perhaps a lover's embrace,

At the end of the day - what heavens will.

The impetus is slowly perishing

Under another hope's glimmer - if false.

The years of yond are gone -

One cannot assail in perpetuity, or so I think.

Peradventure She, the dutchess,

The dutchess, clad in gold,

- Heart overlaid likewise -

Evinces more than Mirage,

- A pearl among lackluster oysters,

Enchantment personified.

All attributes a maid should have

- Subsumed.

Emphatically - She is the one!

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