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Aged in Wisdom

Writing is a cathartic process in which I find my voice in different facets of each poem. Poetry, is a unique discourse of reflections


Aged In Wisdom

I am the earth aged in wisdom
Spirituality, I’m still growing
Soul of chaos
Utopia my oasis
Metamorphosis I’m changing

Butterfly out of the cocoon

The world is my home

Traversing the planet

Trees that grow by a river strong

Earth and mother nature

Still spinning out of control

But in control of my emotions

Play mind games

Naw that’s not for me

I am a game, Rubik’s Cube

Can you solve me

I’m a challenge

Figuring out life running through all its labyrinths

Stumble and fall over roots

Strong and anchored

Rise again the phoenix reborn

Still, I am aged in wisdom

Aged In Wisdom

© 2022 ek ellis

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