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Age - The 21st Brenda Inspired Prompt

I'm interested in social issues, relationships, problems of daily living, jobs, exercise, poems and fiction, plus safer living conditions.


Three Poems Based on Brenda's Prompt

There are many possibilities to consider regarding age, which is Brenda Arledge’s 21st prompt. I have written three poems.

The first one in an acrostic poem about a woman who is just trying to pack too much into her life as she ages. She doesn't want to miss anything, and she's always striving to look good and to have fun.

The second poem is about a tired, old widower who is very sad. This is a dark poem, and I feel sorry for any senior citizen who is miserable for whatever reason. This man misses his wife and seems to have no reason to want to live.

The third poem is about owning a beautiful new car and watching it age. It is a rather silly poem.

Acrostic Poem

Abruptly stopping, her breath in shallow spurts

Grabbing the fence to steady her wobbly stance

Each hurried step as she experiences her life

Ringo Starr - Grow Old With Me


Sad Old Man

A wrinkled old man sits in a chair

Rocking as he simply stares

Thinking back on his long life

How he misses his dear wife

Tears run down his cheeks today

Trying to cope, finding new ways

It can be hard to get this old

When there is no one left to hold

Day after day, waiting for the end

What he needs is a good friend

He desires to live without strife

He is just so sad about his life


My New Car

My new car has a beautiful shine

Months go by and it looks fine

Driving it feels just so very good

I’d like to slide across the hood

Each day my car makes me smile

I plan to keep it for quite a while

It’s in the garage when I am home

I always polish all the chrome

My first car and it looks devine

I like the fact that it is all mine

I wash and polish to keep it nice

It’s absolutely worth the price

One day a stone makes a scratch

A new window is a fine match

Parked at the store a new dent

The fender is now fully bent

I love the car but age occurs

It only matters that it is yous

Wear and tear occurs with age

It makes me so full of rage

Scratches will appear over time

I think it ought to be a crime

Aging of your car over the years

Will often give you many tears

Willie Nelson - It Gets Easier

© 2021 Pamela Oglesby