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Remember when you found a way

to make your toddlers laugh.

Then you heard that usual scream

and knew you’d made a gaffe.

“Again again again”

You’d swing them round then put them down

to stagger round the floor.

They’d look at you with a happy face

and then they’d say once more.

“Again again again”

You’re playing at horsey horsey

you’re backs about to break.

Then you hear those fateful words

you've made, a big mistake.

“again again again"

They are watching toddlers tv

the ones you have on tape.

But just when it is finished

you find there no escape.

“Again again again”

Four episodes of twirlywoos

my brain is going numb.

But when they make that usual cry

you know you will succumb.

“Again again again”

The innocence of children

and the simple way they think.

when something makes them happy

if you stop, they cause a stink.

“Again again again”

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