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Again: A Poem

Image modified by Vee McDonald (2018)

Image modified by Vee McDonald (2018)


This poem about becoming a baby serves as a metaphor for my conversion from atheism/agnosticism to Christianity in 2016.

Here, I play on the "born-again" experience, and try to show how wonderful and amazing it is to become childlike again, and to experience unconditional love. Your slate is wiped clean, and you literally become a new creation.


I whittled down into a child

then into a baby again

crawling back into the womb

no teeth, no speech

dribbling down my chin

vulnerable, loved


into the best part

the cord

fills me with you

my eyes black as blood

see gummy bear hands

they reach for nothing

but themselves

amazed by existence

until light breaks

and I am home.

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© 2018 Veronica McDonald