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Afterlife Ever

Hello you beautiful people! I am an avid reader and I loves to write poetry and short stories for my own sanity and amusement.


If I die today, I will not regret
I have lived a life, which many desires!
I know my last breath pumping through my heart
Leaving inutile body behind
I know my end is close
It's my time to repose,
Ever and forever.
Accepting the darkness,
Fading with the lights
Hell or heaven,
Wherever you please!
Death is a thing which many fears
But once it comes near, it all seems dear.
It's a far-fetched truth.
Untold, unboundedly tied deep down to our souls.
So come and take me, I am loosening up the thread of my life
And entering into another life,
My afterlife.

© 2021 Richali Gartia

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