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After the Wedding

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wedding rings with flowers

wedding rings with flowers

While on the way there, someone stunning had caught his eye.

He had never seen one walk with such grace as she did.

He walked a little faster to catch up with her.

When he finally caught up with her, he introduced himself to her.

She noticed he had sweet eyes.

She also took note of his soft looking beard.

Then she introduced herself to him.

When he smiled at her, she was swept off her feet.

When he asked where she was headed, she told him her sisters wedding.

They were heading to the same wedding.

She fills the room with the light of the sun, he thought to himself.

When he heard her voice it reminded him of the sweet sound of a bell.

As their conversation got deeper, he was amazed.

He was blown away by her intelligence.

She always loved a man who could listen well.

The opportunity he had been waiting for had come.

He asked her if she would to go to dinner when the wedding was done.

She said yes meet me at the reception.

They danced and had a lot of fun.

He asked her to be his girlfriend after to night was done.

She smiled with delight and told him sure why not.

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