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After the Dance

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This is the best night of his life.

He knew who he wanted to meet and what he wanted her to look like.

He knew what he wanted say to her.

He arrived at the party and thought to himself it would be nice to meet my future wife.

All of a sudden he saw her.

He walked over and asked to buy her a drink.

She said yes and told him what she was drinking.

Then he asked what her favorite song was.

She told the song and he requested it.

He took the lead and she followed.

They ended up on the dance floor.

He was a great dancer and she was having a lot fun.

Everyone was amazed at how good of a dancer they were.

Later that night, he invited her to his place.

She thought about it a little bit.

Then decided yeah she would go to see his place.

Then he decided to leave early so he could cook her dinner.

They arrived at his place and he started dinner.

Now he felt like a winner.

After they ate he asked to got to lunch the next day.

She said sure I'll be there.

He decided to take her home since it was getting late.

Then he felt grateful and in love with life.

For it was on this night, he met his future wife.

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