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After the Rainfall

It rained today,
There're still drop stains on the windows
The rain started softly,
Then it fell so hard like it wouldn't stop
Just like my tears keep rolling down for you
It's quiet now, too quiet
I miss you,
I miss your laughter,
I once said it was too loud
But I'll give anything to hear it again,
I'd play it over and over again till it's ingrained in my memory.
My heart is bleeding,
They say that time will heal,
But the pain doesn't stop,
It goes on and on
I lie and say I'm fine
But I'm hurting,
I feel empty and numb,
All at the same time,
Why do people come only to leave?
Why do we love when getting hurt comes with it?
I'm glad the last time we spoke, you made me laugh, you held me close, you kissed my forehead.
But there were other things to do,
And I said see you soon
I never saw you again.
My chest hurts
This pain never ends
I see reminders of you everywhere
Your birthday is coming soon,
And I don't know if I can handle it,
It took me a while to accept you were gone,
That I wasn't going to see you again,
And now it's breaking me,
To know that I won't be able to hear your voice,
Or see you smile, or hold your hand
I'll never regret loving you,
If I could do it all over again, I would
I just wish we'd had more time
I dread the thought of spending the rest of my life without you.
If I heal, if that day ever comes.
I want to live the rest of my days remembering those happy moments,
I want to live life as you did,
Happy, excited, and with lots of laughter
When this is all done, I'll see you again
And there will be no more tears and no more pain,
It will be just you and me, and maybe some old friends.


© 2021 Emmanuella

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