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After the Glow Faded Away

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

First time experiences have a powerful hold on you

Taking away rationality and replacing it with wide eyed joy

Seeing everything through rose colored glasses so large

Ignoring all the cracks in the pavement and the foundation

Ended up suffering the aftershocks once it all fell apart

Thought that I was stronger and on the right path alone

Tripped over my own denial and extreme belief in moving forward

Frozen in what was left of everything that thawed into mush

Frustrated that the past still had some kind of thought process

Forced to reconcile the fact that those glasses hid a lot

More than it made the world seem much rosier than it was

Afraid to express myself for fear of getting burned again

Hard to trust my own once solid instincts in the aftermath

Know that I'm better off walking on the yellow brick road alone

No one holding me back or forcing me to diminish my pride

Wondered what life would be like every so often

When the dust has settled completely into the ground

Letting all the hurt, anger and sadness fall into the ether

No longer ruminating about past transgressions and betrayals

Tired of hanging onto subjects that should no longer matter

Everyone is different when it comes to moving on

Have been told that repeatedly and others have made suggestions

To just stop rehashing the past; since it will never change

Not that I would want it to; what's done is done

Stuck in traction with the recent world events grinding almost everything

To a screeching halt and burying what was once considered normal

Putting into cold storage as we circle around a new, more chaotic version

Wondered when I would get the opportunity to truly spread my wings

Literally focusing on the next step every quarter of a mile

All that can be done until some sense of normalcy entered the fold again

Fingers crossed that it happens sooner rather than later

No more original television programming to keep the wolves at bay.

The new and proper path to take.

The new and proper path to take.

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