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African Queen

African Queen

The wind blew and blew
The trees followed the rhythm
The birds sang with melodious voices
And the sun shone with brightness
Blazing its rays over the valley

And oh! there she stood
Her hair being blown by the wind
Her small round face appeared clearly.
For sure, she was the African queen

Her beauty was beyond doubt
Her fame was unspoken
Yet she was very humble
Full of all beauty of the land

She was the daughter of the famous chief
The one who roars like a lion
Letting no man have her daughter
But always with conditions
But still, her beauty was incomparable

Her smile
Men would faint at the sight of it
Her teeth
Were more than snow
Ah! for sure
She was the African queen

Without a doubt, she was born original
With dark, beautiful skin
She was proud well you called her
The African queen

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