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Poetry: Aesthetic and Ethereal Beauty. Wednesday's Inspiration 7, to Sowrabha Mahesh!

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

I wish I had Linda Crampton here with me, I mean in Spirit, so she could tell us of the value of Mother Earth, or even the famous Dr Jane Goodall.

Mother Earth can certainly teach us a thing or two about humility, patience and forbearance, self-giving and ceaseless Love in the face of adversity. I can also give a little of Sri Chinmoy's teaching and I will separate the piece to please the Google Gods.

"The very nature of earth is to cry, cry for purification. First it starts with a cry for simplicity, because earth has been polluted by complexity. Previously, hundreds and thousands of years ago, earth was very simple. Now human beings have corrupted the earth."- Sri Chinmoy


Pṛthvī Mātā, (Mother Earth)

Pṛthvī Mātā, ancient bearer of life, come!

You who endure my shortcomings, with

Childlike humility; forgive again and again,

My angry mist of shadows, come!

Your Light dances, emanating a verdure with

Outstretched hands. Come! Bring me your vibrant

oceans; your nourishing fruits. Kissed by the fire of the

Radiant sun, you bend with meekness, offering sustenance to all.

Come! In you I see my Flute; I am your music;

In you my Singer, for I am Her song.

Tasting your sugarcane; yet slow to become sweet,

How I long for a pilgrimage, in the realm of the immortals.

Sweet Gaia Mata, will you accept my tears on bended

Knees? I wish to applaud with creation, epitomising your

Cosmic charm. Trampling on your verdant shine, I dined;

Yet Love – at every moment – remains unparallel and eternal.

Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 25th April, 2020.


Teachings of the Master

"On the one hand, machinery and technology have helped the earth considerably, but on the other hand, they have considerably taken away the pristine beauty, purity and divinity of Mother Earth.

As soon as I see the soul of the earth, I see the soul is crying and crying because of the loss of its inner divinity, which is far, far greater than the gain in outer achievements." - Sri Chinmoy

The very nature of Mother earth is to cry, to aspire to become one with God the Creator. It also has another cry, to regain the invaluable things, that it has lost over centuries.

On Solitude


Where Only the Joy of Solitude Prevails

I once walked this ephemeral shadow, gripped

By the wheels of Ignorance and sorrow. Steeped in

Confusion, I was unconscious of the need to go

Within. Until Love stabbed my core, with the fire of a

Deathless miracle, where only the joy of emptiness prevailed.

Now my gaze has become like flowers, waking up

To the beauty, of an inseparable golden dawn.

Come, my emerald Empress; let me kiss Thy sweet

Cheeks, defying all that I know to be rational. Aye, let

Me die and live again, only to show that You are real.

Last night I became a Geisha of heaven. Ignorant

Of my nakedness, my gaze turned inwards to

A glittering Light, spilling its rays of sweetness

On my lips. I reached out with the blood of

Longing, as the Madonna wept my name.

I hear Your haunting flute, captivating my agony

Of longing. Running towards You, like one insane,

I’m soaked naked by the wine of scarlet, inebriating

My soul. I’m in a place so beautiful, that the mute speaks;

The sugarcane fields emanate, on the lap of sweetness.

I have gone silent here, my eloquence as dry as parched lips.

All where I hear the breath of stillness whispering,

“I Love You.” The wine press, ever anew, fills my Spirit;

Now my soul is the fire of a deathless

Wonder, where only the Joy of Solitude prevails.

-Manatita, The Lantern Carrier. 26th May, 2020

Beauty is constantly unveiling its form

Teachings of the Master

"Earth also was tempted in the beginning to seek the new, the development of science, the development of the mental faculties, of the mind’s capacities. Then earth saw, to its extreme sorrow, that although these developments definitely helped a little, many extremely, extremely good qualities of earth were being lost by allowing the outer achievements to dominate the inner life." Sri Chinmoy

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