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"Why”- Ishita Bose


That’s the funny thing about us humans,

Repeating the same mistakes at times, maybe dozens,

Repenting on it promising to not fall for it again,

Then why is it that we give in every time?

Clenching heart, throbbing inside the chest,

Each gulp is like bitter alkali,

Cells screaming in the head, finding for an exit,

Why do we find ourselves in this gush of emotions all the time?


Things are now not as they were supposed to be,

The reason why I used to be so happy is now the reason why I’m breaking,

Is this naivety justified or an excuse to lead,

Even after knowing this, I can’t stop thinking about it, why do I always keep walking towards my destruction?

This is what is funny about us all,

Finding ourselves deep seated in the situations we try to avoid,

Promising that things are right, deceiving ourselves all the time,

Why oh why do we do it all the time?

Ishita Bose

© 2020 Ishita Bose

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