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Aesthetic! Aesthetic! Aesthetic!

T. M.

Words have meaning

Thoughts flow freely

Letters lead to a picture not yet drawn

I just experienced an early morning yawn

I am not bored or tired

So why would such a thing happen to me

I write out of inspiration from others

If this is you then you have guessed right

Not so fast my friend

You will have to be put to the test

Do you write from the heart?

Do you have an idea and are not sure where or what you should do with it ?

So your write to shed some light

To see what develops

Making friends in many far away places

In an effort to write more of what moves you

Does this sound like you ?

Please continue

Have you had some tough times in the past

Wishing and wanting to give them a last push

Over a cliff would be nice

Do you find breathing amazing ?

Well I have news for you

So do I

How incredible is it

That every person in the world is breathing all at the same time

But nobody hears them

What if we all made a sound of a musical instrument when we breathe

Wouldn't that be something special

We would have natural music every day

Depending on who we meet

We could be playing two different instruments at the same time

Maybe the same instrument at different times

Wouldn't that be truly amazing

When you have two or more people to a room

You have your own band

Every day you create different music

The sound is never the same

If you can follow my train of thought

Then you also could be that person I am talking about

There are more questions to follow

At any time if you get a question wrong

This hub was only part about you

It was directed to another friend

If you are busy

So busy you don't have any time to call or write

This could still be you

You are always trying different writing sites because you think they are better

Maybe they are

Maybe they aren't

Only you can find the answer

You left for awhile and now came back

You write wonderful hubs that explore our imagination

You rather help someone than hurt

You would never use four you's in a row

Unlike me

Because that wouldn't be lady like

But you can and do create

Inspiring stories and poems

A long time ago you were suppose to collaborate on a poem

That poem drifted away in time

It never found the right home

There are so many ideas that come and go

It can be hard to pin point just one

So lets pretend to play an old game

Called pin the tail on the donkey

Instead of a donkey

Lets change it up a bit

Pin the tail on the horse

I love horses

They are so beautiful

I wouldn't want to own one

I have never rode one

They truly are magnificent animals

They come in different colors too

So I am asking you to find this wild horse

A stallion

There is no right or wrong way

So give it a try

Tell me what you have tried

I will add this to my stoem story/poem

Then we have done something we set out to do

A long, long time ago

It was my fault as well as yours

Work, sleep and don't forget we have to eat

If you followed me this far

You are close to finding out the answer

The title held another significant clue

Do you know what that could be ?

Then the subtitle also held another clue

Anyone have an idea on what those those simple letters could mean ?

T can stand for today or tomorrow

A hint to do something now or really soon

M can stand for motion

Things in motion stay in motion unless another force is acted upon it

Now if we put both clues together

What do we get ?

A riddle inside a poem inside a story

That seems a little deep

One creation inside of another creation

It seems like a whole of rambling about nothing to me

Then each might be just another clue

A modern day word puzzle using actual words

Words arranged in our mind

Not on paper

Who does that ?

Who has the key to solve that ?

Someone who has a lot of time on their hands

The funny thing is they never wear a watch

So that means they carry a phone

Maybe an old phone and they were going to buy a new one

Then again that was months ago

I live in a place where we have known to get some snow

Even as early as tonight

I could sure use some warm weather

Do you live where it doesn't snow?

Another clue

Could this be you ?

Enough for now

In a place far, far away from here

To go where nobody has ever gone

Many things exist

If only in our minds

Expand our minds and what do we get

An idea and a friend