Adventure of a Lover

Updated on March 17, 2020

I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives


1. She met with him on

The internet, their relationship grew

Through exchange of mails and

Photos, for that is the

Desired means of communication on site

2. A day could not pass

Without each of them exchanging

Messages to each other they

Tell themselves of each day’s

Activities and developments about themselves

3. Sometimes they will stay long

On the internet, exchanging emails

And photos, telling each other

What each is doing at that

Instant in time in the world.

4. Their regular meeting time has

Been known to each other

For her, it is time she has

Gotten home from work, while

For him it is his break time

5. In case each person at

The other part of the globe

Is not on line, the partner

Would be disturbed, restless, thinking

What could have been the problem.

6. When the expected partner comes

On board, the first message

Is usually brief and it is

Apologetic in nature followed by

Detailed report of what cause delay

7. This has been the procedure

For weeks and months and

They felt things need to

Change, for they had dwelt

Long enough on that phase

8. She has informed her grandmother

Because her parents and siblings

Had all died in a terrible

Accident few years back, leaving

Her to be brought up by grandma

9. Her grandmother approves of the

Person who is given her granddaughter

Immeasurable joy and laughter daily

And hopes they would happily

Live together ever in the world

10. One day, grandmother calls her

Granddaughter and tell her what

Has been bothering her heart,

And what was bothering her

Heart was her internet relationship

11. Though she has been happy

Meeting on the line with

The guy, has shown her

His photos, but things need

To change she said to her

12. During our days, nothing like

Internet, seeing is believing was

What we practiced, even those

Who became engaged through photos

Of spouses would see the partner later

13. “When would you both of

You meet in real life?”

Grandmother asks her daughter. She

Sighed we would have met

But for the oceans of separation

14. Well, oceans of separation have

Been overtaken and brushed aside

By the internet, it shows

The person is existing in

The world nay another planet

15. You must advance over this

And arrange for your real

Life meeting else, all this

Joy would flew off and

Relationship Dies within short time

16. Discussed she with her internet

Lover and he approves they

Need to meet, but his

Work can barely sustain him

Not to talk about traveling

17. For crossing the oceans and

Seas to get to her

He would need lots financial

Muscle to overcome that, but

On self-examination cannot afford that

18. She decided to bell the

Cart because she does not

Want to lose him, no not

Ever. She informed her grandma

Of the development grandma was elated

19. But the albatross is how

To go about this, she told

Grandma. Grandma told her she

Needs traveling documents to be

Able to cross oceans and seas


20. She started making inquiries into

This trip, but was shocked

To discover that she could

Not get papers directly to

Her lover’s country from her’s

21. The ambassador of her lover’s

Country does not grant such

Papers to enter their country

Much so that they met

On the internet, nay physically.

22. She was devastated on hearing

This. Told grandma, who comforted

Her. The lover too was

Saddened on hearing the development

And thought it was over

23. She would not give in

Decides to seek for alternative

Means of entering lover’s country

And was told of the

Option, going through multiple channels

24. She will have to go

Through a nearby country and

From there to another to yet

Another from where she would

Possess papers to enter lover’s country.

25. She considered it better than

Never, told her lover of

The good news and he

Was glad to hear it.

26. Applied for leave to travel

Was granted leave after two

Weeks and she began her

Trip to the unknown country

By going through neighboring country.

27. From this country she applied

For tourism visitation to another

Country, there she makes further

Advancements to another country as

She travels through air there

28. In the country where she

Gets to, it is by sea

That she could move to

The next country, she applied

For this and was granted

29. Through the sea she traveled

To the neighboring country.

In the ship she encountered

Pirates but was delivered from

Their hands finally got off ship.

30. Internet wasn’t good, but she

Manages to send messages to

Her partner to tell him

That she was on the

Way and should be expecting

31. If she would go by

The air, to the next

County, she may likely not

Be granted papers, but she

Could go by the road

32. The road though is risky

Full of kidnappers, thieves and

Sometimes terrorists could be on

Rampage she was told by people

Of the country she gets to

33. It is very risky a trip

And was strongly advised to

Go back to her country

By the people of that country

Who told her of the option

34. Going back is not an

Option she replied them, having

Gotten this far, I wish

To continue with the trip

She emphatically stated to ‘em

35. Are people like me who

Are not ghosts passing through

The road to the county? She

Asks and she was told that

People do go by road

6. Those who go, go under

Heavy security, which they paid

For, and they move in

Group, they do not move

Individually, she was told

37. That would be okay by

Me, would wait till when

They would be moving and

Move with them. Returned to

The Christian guest house waiting

38. When in the guest house

Thieves attacked but she was

Not within the premises when

They struck she was being

Chauffeured round the town

39. Some of her properties which

She has been keeping to

Give her love were stolen

If not for cashless policy

She would ‘ve lost money too

40. Very early the following day

Left for where the vehicles

Are gathered, paid for the

Trip and took off with

Others for her lover’s country.

41. It was a long trip

By the road, but they

Did not encounter any trouble

Till they got to her lover’s

Country. Soon they were all dropped

42. Met with someone in the

Vehicle she developed rapport with

She has the country’s line,

Through her she called her

Love they got off the bus

43. He couldn’t believe himself when

Hearing her speak to him

She told him where they

Are, and said it would

Take 3 days to get to him

44. She went and get her

Own line, but would not

Be active until another 24

Hours, the operators told her

She could not wait till then

45. She has taken off immediately

After gotten the line on

The counsel of the lady

She met in the vehicle

To sleep in the neighboring town

46. When in those town, she

Thought of intra-city air

Traveling, but the airports at

Those places are shadow airports

Nonfunctional except at country’s capital

47. The following day, she noticed

That it was 24 hours already

Attempted the line yet to

Be operational, got on the

Road again and headed for park

48. Got to the capital of country

From there got flight to

Nearby town to lover’s town.

Now the line is functional

Started talking with lover

49. Two hours later got to

Where lover is, and were

Glad seeing, the photos seen

Were good images and they

Resemble the photos seen.

50. From there taken to his

One room apartment, they were

Glad being together but now

She has used up her

Leave period of 30 days

51. Because she spent 47 days

Through air, seas and land

Before getting to her lover.

She saw email from the

Firm she works for

52. She has been sacked for

Failure to report when her

Leave was over. She immediately

Placed a call to her grandma

Telling her of her status.

53. She saluted her bravery and

Was glad for her, happy

For her happiness, talked to

Her lover. As she interprets

For him to hear her.

54. They went to Bureau-de-change

To change some of the currencies

To her lover’s country’s currencies

After which they went to

Car port where they buy new car

55. The journey that started few

Months on internet has become

Real, they had to change their

Apartment to a more standard

One with better security,

56. She was taken to his

People and they warmly received

Her into their midst. She

Was elated being among such

Lovely people, race and culture.

57. The arrangements of their wedding

Was completed as the grandma

Blessed them through Viber connections

She was taken to different

Places of interest in his country

58. They started arranging for their

Traveling documents to go to

Her country and see her

Grandma who has been eagerly

Expecting to see her granddaughter

59. The papers soon got ready

And they traveled to her

Country there they started living

Happily. Grandmother was glad that

Her granddaughter finds her happiness

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    © 2020 OLUSEGUN


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      • OGUNDARE OLUSEGUN profile imageAUTHOR


        2 months ago from NIGERIA

        Uhm. Thanks for that. Through God we shall do exploits.

      • Diane Denison profile image

        Diane Denison 

        2 months ago from Cincinnati Ohio

        I had to read it again Olusegun. I fell in love with this story

      • OGUNDARE OLUSEGUN profile imageAUTHOR


        2 months ago from NIGERIA

        @MG Singh. Thanks.

      • emge profile image

        MG Singh 

        2 months ago from Singapore

        Beautiful poem. Loved it

      • OGUNDARE OLUSEGUN profile imageAUTHOR


        2 months ago from NIGERIA

        Uhm. D, thanks.

      • Diane Denison profile image

        Diane Denison 

        2 months ago from Cincinnati Ohio

        Beautiful and excellent story. I kept anticipating something would go wrong and she would not make it to him. But it ended up good with them getting married. That would make a cute movie. My parents are old fashion. Woman could not travel by alone. Today women travel all over the world. Great Romantic Story


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