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Adored by Him

A pregnant woman is a beautiful sight in the way she carries herself. And she protects her baby with her hand on her tummy.


Mary softly rubbed her baby bump,

And, was rewarded with a kick that made her jump.

Where are you Michael she thought---as she watched

the snowflakes fall without a sound,

Virginally white---each uniquely shaped---

whirling around slowing landing on the frozen ground.

Michael left 6 months ago---to fly a mission over foreign soil,

Only two short letters came in months---thinking made her stomach recoil.

Alone in their little love nest of a home---she took his letters out,

She read the first one---as she rocked by the fireplace—

and she wanted to cheer and shout.

It said:

My beautiful Sweetheart---time is standing still for me---you are so far away,

My eyes are so lonely--- yearning to see your sweet face---forever and a day.

This land is not like America---the people just survive from one day to the next,

It is like they expect only this---it is like they are hexed.

I read your letters over and again---they are my breath---my life---my sin,

I feel your body in my mind---your silkiness so warm---under my skin.

I sleep in your arms each night---the essence comes through my mind and wraps around me so protectively,

Your lips kiss me deeply as the night shadows fall---my heart feel levity.

Your love surrounds me through the day,

And helps the ambiances prolong the stay.

What Heaven gave us---nothing can take away---in this world or not,

Our souls and hearts are bonded---fate has made its plot.

Take care my precious love---my heart is yours to keep,

When earth is dust particles in space---we will not weep.

Forever and always---I am truly yours,

Because it is you---my heart adores.



Mary rocked holding his letter next to heart---and fell asleep,

Hours later she awoke in bed---confused she started to weep.

Suddenly---in the room dashed a man in uniform---with fear on his face,

Mary screamed and jumped into his arms---this was her place.

My precious you are home---and I have a surprise for you,

He replied--I see your surprise and I pray his or her eyes are blue.

Then doing as all lovers do---made sweet love---until they heard a mourning dove coo,

Mary and Michael together in bed---slept until the sun dried the early dew.

Then Michael said---Mary---May I have this dance---he asked in his special way,

Have your forgotten my Sweetheart---it is Valentine Day.

Hearts of pure and true love intertwine,

Counting years together--- makes it all the sweeter---like the

finest of wine.

My Valentine

© 2021 Barbara Purvis Hunter

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