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Four Walls of My Addiction !!!

Satisfy my Addiction

My cravings were easily satisfied
And I was over it in no time...
Since I know of me,it’s hard to imagine
Me without you !

Satisfactions I get from the smooth
Like a mother watch her Nine month result after
Like a child stuck to a best confectionery
Or maybe a favorite T.V comics

Imaginations were me and you
against the world always!
Even the hands of time could
turn to the number
I wish we grow old together!!

The sun denied us of its own
sunshine cus of jealousy

Through the deepest of the hurts
I find me always striving,wanting and dying
For even more of it all
Without you obviously,there is no me

Ohhh! Air of life
Make my heart your habitual abode
Just like my gaze is upon you for breath
So that the Four walls of My Addiction
Will forever hold you dear
Even till dust do us part.....