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Add To The Good Pile

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Don't Look Now

One huge truck coming our way

Filled with every good job we have ever done

Only topped off with another wonderful night

This has been an awesome week

Today is a great continuation of the day before

Work has been fine

There is always something that can go wrong

Luckily, they have been so small

I forget them as soon as they come

No sense in even mentioning them

Focused on putting all my energy into another positive day

I have some great momentum going forward

One smooth run

Slowly filling up my days and nights

I go to bed still with energy

Not like before when I was exhausted

I wake up refreshed and taking each day as it comes

Finding new ways not just to look happy

Instead to be happy and excited about what is going to happen next

I pass the word on

Especially, these times of COVID-19

Where people all over the world are scared

Finding it harder and harder to be happy

It's a whole new world

I keep digging into the untapped potential of our day

Finding things that finally worked

It took years to get to this point

My head to the grindstone

In life, there are many things to be proud of

I can say I am proud of all my years of hard work

The results came little at a time

Now I can see my progress and on the bright side

More good times on the way