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Adapting the Union to Last - Poem

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Rozlin loves composing poems and sharing them with her readers. She pours her heart in her every write up.

Adapt change

Adapt change

The Background Story

Once again, Brenda, our dear friend, a talented author and a poet has given us our 52nd word prompt, “Adapt”. Like everyone, even I will congratulate Brenda for completing one year with the word prompt challenge. I am happy that like every other hubber, I too participate in this challenge. After reading responses or poems of hubbers, I loved reading poems. I was so much into it that it made me write a poem. Initially, I tried my hands on writing a poem on word prompt, “fate”. Then onwards, I wrote many poems inspired by Brenda’s word prompt. Thanks a lot, Brenda, you and your word prompts fueled out the creativity inside me.

In this hub, I have written four poems in response to Brenda’s word prompt, “Adapt”.

First poem, “Adapting the Union to Last” paints a girl who is just married and is trying to adapt to the drastic changes to survive and live a prosperous married life.

Second poem “Adapt to win” shows adaptation is the law of nature. We must follow it anyhow.

Third one is a haiku.

Fourth one is an acrostic poem.

Hope Brenda and everyone who reads like my response.


Adapting the Union to Last

She entered a new life.

Little did she knew,

Life surprised her with every

new moment that came across her.

She cannot hear

her nickname anymore.

There is neither dad nor mom

to call her with nickname.

She adapts a new family

Or say she is adapted by a family.

A new family, wherein she adapts,

A very new life with new relations.

A very new life with very new

expectations for her & from her.

A pressure of perfection she experiences,

which she never ever faced.

She, a bubbly carefree girl one day.

Today finds herself responsible and reliable.

Her career gets pushed down

in adjusting to the new place,

in keeping the home running.

Willy-nilly she learnt to

be patient and calm about things.

She adapted to voice her

displeasures pleasantly.

She learnt to weight her words

and gestures too before speaking.

With time, she adapts to learn

how to convey disappointment with fortitude.

She rarely gets her personal

space and time she realize.

At the same time she discerns

She now has a lover,

who is her friend, her mentor,

and her confidant too.

She adapts to understand budgeting

and saving money.

His success is her success too.

Theirs is an exclusive couple unit she finds.

Now she is the best version of herself

to live happily ever after.

Adapt to Win

Living in usual merry times,

You come across curly tangled times.

Trying to solve those tangles,

Slowly you adapt living entangled.

“Fill in the blanks” on the questionnaire,

you solved in alma mater.

You try to rightly fill or get fit in

those blanks (changes) in your life.

Change is for sure.

You won’t escape.

Instead of regretting, “why me?”

Accept it, beat it.

Accept it happily or else

you will miss the future good days.

Since every change has a reason,

Adapt it for the best to ensue.

When comfort zone ceases,

Adaptation begins,

Progress is apparent,

Future seems promising.

— Rozlin

Play-Doh: a soft modelling material used by children

Play-Doh: a soft modelling material used by children

Play-Doh activity

Play-Doh activity


Resemble Play-Doh

Flexible, soft to mold in

Change to adapt

Acrostic Poem

Adapt for the betterment of one and all

Defeat fears

Adapt to bring ease

Participate heartily

To enjoy the joy with everyone

© 2022 Rozlin

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