Actually Rhymes

Updated on November 17, 2017

Love Actually

David begins commentating.
That he does get gloomy.
Whenever that time comes.
He gets pure, uncomplicated love.
From his very own loved ones.
Such as those from 9/11.
Some loved and some did hate.
But my love story was worth the wait.
For example? There was Billy.
He needed help re-recording.
Recording the hit by the troggs.
His manager Joe was right for the job.
But it didn't reach expectations.
But it was ready for Christmas.
Despite all, It was a #1 single.
Actually, it was the hottest jingle.
They celebrate it with a party.
Elton John hosted the party.
Meanwhile, Joe is in need.
Billy helps him get what he needs.
He and Joe celebrate Christmas.
By getting drunk and partying.
On another side of town.
Juliet and Peter settle down.
They have a big ceremony.
Meanwhile, they both are believing.
Believing that the best man.
Is trying the best way he can.
To hide his feelings for Juliet.
But one day Juliet.
Asks Mark if he would let.
Let her be his friend.
He then shows clips of the wedding.
They have an uncomfortable silence.
Later, Mark reveals his feelings.
Juliet follows his lead.
Gives him a kiss on his cheek.
Then a writer named Jamie.
Was pushed to their wedding.
By his girlfriend. His favorite lover.
Who is ill but also sleeping with his brother.
Jamie finds out and is crushed.
Because he loved her so much.
But he had to leave.
Another woman helped him grieve.
But he still returned home.
Went to her job and proposed.
She said yes, in broken English.
Despite his trials, he defeated.
A director of a design named HARRY.
Makes a girl named Mia his secretary.
He has a hard time with her.
Because of her sexual behavior.
He loves his wife.
He does not need that in his life.
But at a company Christmas party.
She is seen closely dancing.
Closely dancing with him.
Mia catches the attention of him.
His wife almost catches him.
He got away with buying mia a necklace.
But after while his wife found it.
Her brother David is now prime minister.
Natalie is the new junior member.
Of the Household Staff on Downing Street.
But has an altercation when she meets.
The president of the United States.
He says comments that are out of place.
Natalie disregards them despite it all.
David takes a stand despite it all.
But he stays assertive when taking a stand.
Before he does it he must plan.
Instead, he just leaves.
Natalie just grieves.
She reminds him, Christmas Eve.
That she wants him only.

Hugh Grant
Liam Neeson
Rowin Atkinson

Richard Curtis


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    © 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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      • alexarain379 profile image

        Alexa Rain 

        15 months ago from egypt

        seems good!


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