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Actual Love - a Poem

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Rozlin loves composing poems and sharing them with her readers. She pours her heart in her every write up.

True Love Never Ends!


Actual Love

They say love is just roses and teddies,

but its more than we know,

until we experience a relation,

we realize it.

Love is blind at first sight.

It hides the dark and the light in each other.

Love hurts if requite.

Love benefits if happy & healthy.

Come a long way together,

accepting each other flaws and weirdness,

appreciating the similarities and

respecting the differences.

They say love is just dating and holding hands,

but its more than we know,

until we are in one,

we realize how strong the bond is.

To avoid the crack in the string of love,

hold it softly with love.

Do not tighten it,

let it wave freely.

Keep the intimacy flowing,

babbling blithely,

with a trickle of laughter,

and rippling joy.

Keeping patience ON

on each other’s actions

on each other’s words

This is love too.

Sacrificing desires,

for one another.

Bending self-ego and rage,

is love too.

In the long run,

your love bond grows stronger.

Each one becomes habituated to,

balancing peace thru and in-between.

Take care of each other in trials,

Those trials are blessed,

to see how far you fly together,

to prove your promise of “together forever”.

In the long run,

you will be glad,

to know you choose one another,

for forever.

© 2022 Rozlin

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