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Acrostic poems - Aesthetic words


Nyctophilia - love you night/ darkness ; relaxation or comfort in darkness.

Night falls slowly and steadily,

You wait for the sun to drown,

Craning your neck, staring at the sky,

Tapping on the windowsill waiting for the moon,

Oh, the serenity that surrounds you,

Passing through your veins a gentle comfort,

How you wish for the darkness to engulf you,

Inching casually towards your soul,

Little by little blanketing you,

In the sparkles and wonders of the night,

And soon the night lulls you to sleep; a sweet cavern for your sweet being.


Ishita Bose.


Eccedentesiast - someone who fakes a smile when all they want to do is cry/ disappear.

Emotions over-bearing, hard to breathe,

Consoling words falling on deaf ears,

Corner of my eye seems like a perennial river,

Empty head just wishing to hide,

‘Don’t panic! It’s okay!’, they say,

Even those who I trusted seem far away,

Not turning back is what I hoped for, but;

Tonight it’s just you and me,

Experiencing a new kind of thrill,

So easy to ignore but hard to feel,

In this empty world who is for me?

An old soul inside me, I’m me for me,

Stressful hours and talk does all but eat me alive, but;

Today’s not the day cause I’m me for me, so I’ll just fake a smile and hide away.


Ishita Bose

© 2020 Ishita Bose

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